Testimonials from our clients

Tjokorda Oka Artha Ardhana Sukawati (Cok Ace)
Owner - Kumara Sakti

member of Ubud royal family

"We have been working with Claude, Iyan and their team at Zen Jiwa Raga since 2007 at Kumara Sakti. Their most remarkable achievement is the creation of a retreat center attracting people from around the world, and this every week. We are also pleased with the way this company takes good care of the location; the maintenance team of ZJR is of great value to me as a small hotel owner. It is a pleasure working with Zen Jiwa Raga."

Anas Adrianto
Owner - bali botanica

owner of bali botanica spa in Ubud

"My Spa was first called ‘Passion’. We opened up in 2004, yet after two years in operation, we had very little results and we found it difficult to attract clients and to find our position on the market. Zen Jiwa Raga took over the management and turned our little Spa into a success story in 2006, by changing the name to Bali Botanica Day Spa and by putting together a solid training program and introducing Ayurvedic treatments."

Tjokorda Gede Dharmaputra Sukawati & Tjokorda Gede Agung Ichiro Sukawati
Owner - bridges Bali

member of Ubud royal family

"Bridges has turned out to be one of Ubud’s best known restaurants. For this, we must give the credit to Claude and the Zen Jiwa Raga team. The Bridge Café was closed down in March 2010, and re-opened with a total physical facelift and ready to offer a genuine culinary experience in December 2010. The renovations were costly; yet well worth every rupiah judging from the result since a few years of operations. One of Zen Jiwa Raga’s strengths is Claude as a visionary and they just know how to form the perfect team with high quality members."

Iyan Yaspriyana
Owner - Oneworld Retreats

founder and yoga retreat leader

"Oneworld Retreats is a different story in that I am the owner of this company as well as a partner in Zen Jiwa Raga. Oneworld Retreats is the support system behind all the retreats conducted in Bali and abroad, whereas all marketing and administration is done by Zen Jiwa Raga. Oneworld is also a travel agency offering delightful journeys of discovery and relaxation throughout the island of Bali. The Zen Jiwa Raga team pays attention to every detail and the teams work together committed to create unforgettable moments of happiness for our guests. "

Testimonials from our guests

"The retreat went beyond my expectations. Somehow I managed to have time to do nothing and time to have inner reflection-while participating in daily yoga sessions. Many spa treatments and many aspects of the retreat I would not have had accessed to on my own. I know it will change my life for the better."
- Karen, USA

"When you want to know something more of what you are, of what the body loves to live, go to Bali with Oneworld Retreats! Although you have read many books, this is not the same as it will become the REAL KNOWING from your own experience. It is a week of hard-working, so that you can dive, dive, and find your ONENESS!"
- Riet, the Netherlands

"Fantastic atmosphere + food + service from the team. A great experience all round and one we will truly remember. Thank you."
- Craig Newton, Australia

"Beautiful presentation. Friendly wait staff. Excellent choice of music! Location is wonderful. Your food is magnificient with a great choice of western and balinese cuisine. Tapas choices were wonderfully presented on long plates."
- Leticia, Australia

"The whole experience was truly amazing, the therapists were very delicate and careful yet still giving a strong massage. I think the music really helped me relaxed as well."
- Maria, Portugal

"This is the best massage I've ever had."
- Kenny, Singapore