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Once we agree on evaluating a project for full management by PT Zen Jiwa Raga, a feasibility research begins.

Feasibility Research and Market Studies

  • Evaluation of the existing elements available
  • Determination of best use for the place
  • Recognition of trends and opportunities
  • Identification of the potential revenue sources
  • Pricing strategy
  • Sales, expenses and profit forecast
  • Payroll expenses and staffing forecasts
  • Cost study to initiate and operate the project
  • Financial projection and budgets
  • Goals and objectives setting

Concept Development

  • Establishing the concept and mission statement
  • Describing the aimed customer’s experiences
  • Starting the action plan and business plan
  • Space planning
  • Interior Design
  • Purchasing necessary equipments and materials for operations
  • Establishing products (e.g. spa treatments, health food menus, etc.)
  • Designing marketable packages
  • Create extra sales and revenues with additional retail opportunities (e.g. spa products, cosmetics, gifts and accessories, etc.)
  • Work with the manufacturing company to develop a signature collection

Human Resources

  • Developing job descriptions and staff responsibilities
  • Determining payroll, salary and incentive program
  • Recruiting, interviewing and recommending top level managers
  • Creating specific training programs
  • Recruiting and training
  • Integrating each department
  • Following up and evaluating human resources team

Advertising and Promotion

  • Developing strategies to attract the desired market
  • Conducting market researches on consumer profiles, demographics, trends and directions
  • Creating an attractive image for the managed business
  • Designing innovative promotional campaigns and materials (e.g. business cards, brochure, web site, press kit, etc.)
  • Monitoring the promotional efficiency

Management and Operation

  • Creating operational procedure manuals
  • Executing and monitoring the business plan and marketing strategy
  • Setting up accurate and transparent accounting systems
  • Producing and analyzing monthly and yearly reports
  • Regular management and staff evaluation
  • Professional and personal representation of the establishment
  • Coordination with the suppliers, associates, contractors, etc.
  • Creating guest satisfaction surveys
  • Guiding and monitoring all aspects of the project development
  • Operational reviews and regular meeting with owners

About Us

PT. Zen Jiwa Raga (Zen Bali) customizes hospitality business projects to the clients’ needs. Each project is thoroughly and innovatively evaluated in terms of its immediate and long-term needs and budgetary requirements.

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What Our Clients Say

"Bridges has turned out to be one of Ubud’s best known restaurants. For this, we must give the credit to Claude and the Zen Jiwa Raga team. The Bridge Café was closed down in March 2010, and re-opened with a total physical facelift and ready to offer a genuine culinary experience in December 2010. The renovations were costly; yet well worth every rupiah judging from the result after two years of operations. One of Zen Jiwa Raga’s strengths is Claude as a visionary and they just know how to form the perfect team with high quality members."

Tjokorda Gede Dharmaputra Sukawati, the owner of bridges Bali

~ Tjokde Dharmaputra Sukawati
bridges Bali

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