Zen Jiwa Raga History

PT. Zen Jiwa Raga – also referred as Zen Bali, or ZJR is a PMA (foreign investment company) owned by Claude M Chouinard (60%) and Mokhamad Soleh Iyaspriyana (Iyan) (40%). The company was founded in the province of Bali in 2002.

(PT. Zen Jiwa Raga) trademarked under Zen Bali is a consulting and managing company specializing in excellence in the world of hospitality services. We manage and operate with clarity, honesty and distinction.

Zen Body Holiday

The first project in Bali was the management and operation of Zen Body Holiday, a small spa in Pengosekan that has quickly become popular for its high quality services and superior oriented human resources and the marketing concept behind zen body holiday. The project ended at the end of 2002.

Zen Lifestyle Energy Resort

In 2002, Zen Jiwa Raga signed an agreement with the owner of Puri Jati Resort on the North Coast of Bali, the new name given to the location was ‘Zen Lifestyle Energy Resort. The 10 year contract ended after three years following the sale of the resort in October of 2005.. By then, Zen Lifestyle Energy Resort had grown to be a Retreat Center with yoga, meditation and spa treatment programs offered weekly. Unfortunately, we could not agree with the offer of the new owner and left the north coast in 2005 and kept on doing our retreats at Gaia Oasis in Tejakula and at Ananda cottages in Ubud.

Bali Botanica Day Spa

In 2006, Zen Jiwa Raga set up a 15 years agreement with the owners of Passion Spa. We created a concept, changed the name and launched Bali Botanica Day Spa with the Chakra Dhara massage as a distinctive treatment; we also introduced half day and full day treatment packages. Bali Botanica has grown to be a respected Spa in the Ubud area.

Kumara Sakti

In 2007, Zen Bali signed a 10 years renewable agreement with Tjokorda Ace to manage and operate Kumara Sakti, a small resort located at 1.6 km from the center of Ubud, a perfect place for a yoga retreat. The 15 bedrooms resort offers holistic programs, healthy food, soothing spa treatments and an amalgam of retreats offered by Retreats.

Oneworld Retreats

By June of 2008 The need to have a travel agency was eminent as retreat could only be sold by a travel agent. ONEWORLD retreats is owned by Iyan Yaspriyana and Claude Chouinard and managed by PT Zen Jiwa Raga.

Oneworld Retreats offers retreats of self-growth, yoga, meditation, writing and other types of retreats. The project is going well and smooth and it is successful.

In 2011 we have welcomed 657 guests who joined both our signature retreat ‘Escape the World’ lead by Iyan Yaspriyana and other retreats organized by OWR and lead by retreat leaders from around the world.


The testimonials on our website and our high position on Trip Advisor, show proofs of our guests satisfaction.

bridges Bali

bridges was ZJR’s latest addition on the short list of direct clients of PT Zen Jiwa Raga.

Owned by the Royal Family of Ubud, the restaurant was not doing well with management, operations, marketing and quality of food and services. The beautiful architecture was in a sad shape and Claude had a vision while visiting the place the first time many years ago. The restaurant was called The Bridge Restaurant and Grill.

A 15 year agreement was negotiated and PT Zen Jiwa Raga founded a new project and named it ‘bridges’. The project started on March 1, 2010 with a 9-month renovation project changing the interior and exterior design of the unique architecture and re-inventing the way food has been served previously. bridges opened its door on December 9th 2010, Bridges specializes in WAW experiences, excellent dish at affordable prices served in a professional way. We strive in training the team in all aspect of services and food/beverages knowledge. The results are excellent and the potential growth is almost un-limited.

About Us

PT. Zen Jiwa Raga (Zen Bali) customizes hospitality business projects to the clients’ needs. Each project is thoroughly and innovatively evaluated in terms of its immediate and long-term needs and budgetary requirements.

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What Our Clients Say

"My Spa was first called ‘Passion’. We opened up in 2004, yet after two years in operation, we had very little results and we found it difficult to attract clients and to find our position on the market. Zen Jiwa Raga took over the management and turned our little Spa into a success story in 2006, by changing the name to Bali Botanica Day Spa and by putting together a solid training program and introducing Ayurvedic treatments."

~ Anas Adrianto
bali botanica day spa

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