About Zen Jiwa Raga

The Company

PT. Zen Jiwa Raga (Zen Bali) customizes hospitality projects to the clients’ needs. Our hospitality management projects are thoroughly and innovatively evaluated in terms of their immediate and long-term needs and budgetary requirements.

Inspired by the simplicity of Zen, we try to create the best without adding unnecessary elements. It does not mean that we neglect the importance of a few little things, though. We are aware that the devil is in the details; hence our planning shall be based on a meticulous research on your business. The loyalty of Balinese people to its culture also taught us to make a strong commitment to each of our works.

We focus on delivering professional services to our clients and create an environment which is likely to attract guests; not only to the physical aspects (raga) of the hospitality business venues but also the non physical elements (jiwa) that may leave stronger impressions on their hearts.

Our mission is to deliver the most enjoyable and memorable experiences in our hospitality management projects, with the objective to deliver happiness.

Our philosophy is that everyone doing business with us should have the privilege of being respected and served with dignity; both internally and with the guests at every level.

The History

PT. Zen Jiwa Raga was founded in 2002 by Claude M Chouinard (Claude) and Mokhamad Soleh Yaspriyana (Iyan). Also referred to as “Zen Bali”, this Bali-based hospitality management company offers consulting and managing services for hospitality businesses. Started as an Indonesian company (PT), Zen Bali changed its status to a foreign-owned firm (PMA) in 2005.Read more about the company's history...

Please refer to this page to learn about our current and previous projects.

The Values

We work based on these following six values:

  • Working in a zen community that is good and respectful for all.

  • Delivering service with WaW value! At all time and all places in the most humble way.

  • Embracing and driving positive changes that will help everyone grow.

  • Encouraging growth by regular trainings and guest visitors’ input in a bartering way.

  • Adopting transparency in our actions and reactions.

  • Sharing generously with people who have at heart the growth of the community.

The Founders

Claude Magloire Chouinard

Claude's journey of mastery in holistic management and design has its beginning when he lived with Buddhist monks in Thailand and traveled throughout India as a spiritual pilgrim in 1992.

Upon returning to his home in Canada in 1993, Claude co-created and led exciting adventure travel experiences throughout Asia, Thailand, Indonesia and Central Asia incorporating meditation, ritual and holistic practice.

Claude continues to grow and develop his concepts of wellness and to create spas and spa experiences that awaken the spirit, open the heart, calm the mind and rejuvenate the body. Working closely with Iyan and a range of other associates, Claude maintains a busy schedule of planning, consulting, design and delivery.

Iyan Yaspriyana

Iyan discovered his natural gifts in the healing art as a child growing up in a traditional family in Java. He grew from treating family and friends with his unique and intuitive style of body therapy to sharing his healing gift with the world and relocated to Bali in 1999. Not only is he skilled in Ayurvedic massage but also a certified yoga teacher.

Iyan joined Claude in developing a resort based in North Bali in 2002. He also created the Bali yoga retreat Escape the World, a yoga retreat also including meditation, cultural discoveries and spa, that has attracted many people up until now.

Iyan enjoys sharing, helping and teaching. He trained the staff in delivering their unique body therapies and holistic treatments and has developed an intensive program for training and grounding practitioners.

The Team

Our Bali based hospitality management company is run by a dedicated team who love sharing and encouraging each other. We are committed to creating a positive ambience that helps everyone grow. We work together to deliver memorable experiences to each guest as well to support the company to achieve satisfying results for our clients.

Success is best achieved by doing what we love. This is the reason we always try to make sure that everyone is placed to a position that suits their interests, then support them with necessary trainings, and nurture them with trust and encouragement.

Creativity is often born out of ease hence we keep the casual atmosphere at work. We do intend to build a workplace that feels like home.

In the Media

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Our Services

  • Feasibility Research and Market Studies
  • Concept Development
  • Human Resources
  • Advertising and Promotion
  • Management and Operation

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What Our Clients Say

"We have been working with Claude, Iyan and their team at Zen Jiwa Raga since 2007 at Kumara Sakti. Their most remarkable achievement is the creation of a retreat center attracting people from around the world, and this every week. We are also pleased with the way this company takes good care of the location; the maintenance team of ZJR is of great value to me as a small hotel owner. It is a pleasure working with Zen Jiwa Raga."

Cok Ace, the owner of Kumara Sakti

~ Cok Ace
Kumara Sakti

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